About Us - Our Passion & Values

We are people who are passionate about the safety of each individual person. We get a big kick out of it when someone comes up to us and is trilled about using the training that we provided to them for example we had a client say "The fire extinguisher training that you taught me help me put out a fire" and another person told us "The practical control measures that our company have adopted from you have made a difference in safety and have saved us big bucks as well".

"No one plans to fail . . . people simply fail to plan"

Recently Beckett Worksafe Solutions underwent a change of name to better reflect and identify the services that we provide to our clients. Shane and Roslyn are the owners of Beckett Worksafe Solutions have been helping out local businesses in and around the Illawarra region for 10 years to meet their WHS commitments.

Meet the Owners

Owners Shane and Roslyn

Roslyn is your Accounts Manager, here to assist you with your administration needs and concerns. Shane is your WHS consultant and has been working in the WHS (Work Health and Safety) area for over 15 years. He has worked in different industries including Rail, Aviation and Petro-Chemical.

Shane conducts investigations of near missies or incidents providing you with great outcomes, excellent recommendations, formulated policies and procedures to improve the safety in your business. Shane has also worked with statutory authorities to identify hazards from risks and implement appropriate control measures.

You will also be pleased to know that Shane has well over 25 years with the state fire brigades, 11 years as Station Commander, and has attended hundreds of fires and other emergencies. Shane uses his extensive experience, training and knowledge to assemble the right control measures for your emergency procedures to further meet your individual needs and responses.