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Words from Our Client - Kerryn Barnett

“I approached Beckett Worksafe Solutions to assist us with a review of our Fire and Emergency Evacuation procedures. Beckett Worksafe Solutions helped us by redeveloping our Fire and Emergency Evacuation procedures, ensuring legislative compliance with relevant legislation. The work conducted by Shane resulted in a user friendly document which was developed individually for our aged care facility ensuring that our current practices and procedures were reflected in the written manual. I have found Shane to be extremely knowledgeable and professional during all of our interactions with him, and would have no hesitation in recommending Shane or his business Beckett Worksafe Solutions to other organisations.“

Kerryn Barnett - Quality Services Manager, Multicultural Aged care Illawarra.

Worksafe Solutions ... Who What & How

Who we are . . .

We are a consultancy and training firm that specialises in WH&S (Work Health and Safety). Consultants at Beckett Worksafe Solutions have extensive knowledge and experience in compliancy, policies, system tools, audits, emergency producers and training.

What we do . . .

First we listen to your issues and concerns that could effective the safe running of your business. From here we develop a WHS management system designed with your specific requirements in mind so that not only is your business now protected, but your most valuable resource are protected too - your workers.

How we help your business . . .

Beckett Worksafe Solutions can provide the Answers to the 5 Basic Questions

- Which elements of the WHS Act and Regulations do I apply to my business?
- How can I be confient that I am protecting my workers, my business and me?
- What are the current regulations and how do I comply with those obligations?
- Can our staff extinguish fires correctly and what are the different methods?
- Can I make improvements with my current WHS management system?

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The safety of your business is important to us, as we are sure it's important to you too. If you find that the WHS Act and it's Regulations bring up a few un-answered questions or concerns in your business, we can offer you and your business the right answers, to give you peace of mind in. Beckett Worksafe Solutions supplies you with the correct safety information and advice that is tailored specifically to your industry giving you the value of awareness. Do you have the appropriate resources in the right places and are you protecting your workplace health and safety?

The Consultants here at Beckett Worksafe Solutions are experienced, ensuring you have access to the right resources and give you informative insights so you can stay compliant with the lastest legeslations, that are specific to your industry. This is why past clients are so impressed with their results. It is our priority to give you high quality services, that are tailored to meet your WHS needs and give your business the complete training experience that suits your industry.

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Our Facebook page gives you assistance with tips on WHS and other insightful details, like how to be aware of potenial hazards in the workplace.

We enjoy giving you up-to-date information and keeping you informed about the lastest legislations. This information can help prevent injuries and even safe lives.

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